How to Troubleshoot Google My Business Account Suspended?

How to Troubleshoot Google My Business Account Suspended?
Running into issues while operating a Google My Business account can drag down your local SEO efforts. So, it’s good to know what obstacles to expect as well as how to solve and avoid them.
Fixing a Suspended Google My Business Account
The most common issue with Google Business Profiles is a suspended account. It means you won’t be able to manage your listing, or it may not appear on Google Search at all. This harms its visibility and can negatively impact lead generation.
Typically, an account is suspended because Google suspects that the business violates one of its guidelines. Some common reasons for this include:
An inaccurate business name.
Listing your business address at a virtual office or a co-working space.
Using a P.O. Box or a residential address as the business address.
Posting inappropriate content.
Displaying a physical address while being a service business.
Making a lot of edits to your profile in one go.
To solve a suspension issue, you have to reinstate your account.
However, asking Google to review your account without investigating the problem is counter-productive. Before that, you have to identify what caused your account suspension.
Since Google won’t inform users about the cause, we recommend re-evaluating Google’s guidelines and assessing your account to identify the root issue. Once found, take the time to fix your listing.
Then, fill out the reinstatement form. You may need to submit a few documents as proof, such as legal documentation, utility bills, pictures of your physical store, or the GMB listing’s dashboard URL.
To avoid future suspensions, it’s good to check your listing regularly to ensure all details are correct.
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