Google and ChatGPT face major threat from open source community, leaked document warns

According to a Google document, public researchers have surpassed large businesses without their knowledge.
According to a leaked Google document, open source artificial intelligence researchers pose a significant threat to Google and ChatGPT creator OpenAI.

Google and ChatGPT both operate in different markets, with Google being primarily a search engine and advertising company, and ChatGPT being an AI language model used for various applications such as chatbots, customer service, and content creation.

As with any large company, there are always potential threats to their business. Some of the common threats that Google and ChatGPT may face include competition from other companies, changes in consumer preferences, regulatory issues, cybersecurity threats, and economic factors.

Additionally, there is increasing concern about the ethical use of AI, particularly in areas such as privacy, bias, and accountability. As AI becomes more prevalent in various industries, including search and language processing, companies like Google and ChatGPT may face increased scrutiny and pressure to ensure their AI systems are transparent, fair, and responsible.

The document warns that the two businesses have spent time “squabbling” and “looking over our shoulders” at one another, ignoring the real threat to their dominance in artificial intelligence
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